Friday, August 2, 2013

*BLINK* and it is over....

I can without a doubt say that this was the best summer ever for this group of boys. They started out in a bunch of mixed up color uniforms just getting to know each other, and then they ended in matching dirty uniforms with their arms wrapped around each others necks and big (mostly toothless) grins! We had our first practice on May 4 and then practiced for a total of 72 plus hours over the next three months. We played a total of 33 games. We traveled to Ringgold, Ga on July 19th for our World Series not knowing what to expect, or how long we would even be there. We ended up playing eight games and winning second in our bracket and third out of twenty-two teams. We also ended with a winning World Series record of 5 wins and 3 loses. It was definitely a great success and a ton of fun for the boys and their families!

Melting in the sun during World Series opening ceremonies.

Nathan making and excellent stop!

Robbie giving his hit stick a pep talk!

Michael catching some air!

Dylan is game ready!

Collins flying to third!

Gavin showing everyone his "crazy train" swing!

Kyle showing perfect form to get the out at first!

Luke protecting home!

Cameron ready at first to make the out! 1 2 3

Daniel looking stinking cute while waiting for his turn to drive the ball and round the bases!

We were lucky, because most summer all star teams seasons end with their World Series, but we were able to participate in the 6U Hickory Flat All Star Tournament. We were excited to get to play together as a team one last time! We weren't playing our best the first two games of the tournament, but still managed one win. Then once brackets started we were back on our game! We won our first bracket game and then ended up losing our second, and unfortunately with single elimination that meant we were done. It was rumored around the park that at least one team was bending the rules of the tournament. They were playing players that had played at a higher level during the all star season, and one player was suppose to be from their 7 year old all star team. Although, we didn't let that get us down, because we had such a strong solid team with an ethical coaching staff who were providing good role models for our very impressionable boys! We ended with our heads held high and smiles on our faces!

Coach huddle to start the day!

National Anthem

Kyle is ready to take it home!

Gavin blasting to second!

Cameron stretching for the OUT!

Robbie making the play out at second!

Aiden is keeping an eye on the runner!

Luke is ready to send it over their heads!

Michael helping our runner get safely to third while, playing a come and get me game!

Dylan running top speed!

Collins giving the other team his stink eye look!

Nathan catching his breath after his sprint to first, and now he is ready to go home!

Daniel is safe on second and waiting for the next Hurricane to hit him home!

As always, all the great pictures were taken by Wendy Morrison. Thank you Wendy!

What an amazing experience we all shared, and we wouldn't change one win or lose, because the boys learned so much from the whole experience!

Thanks you so much for all your support for the 2013 6U Hobgood Hurricanes, we loved every minute!


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